The exhibition

DINO WORLD arrives to transport us to the Jurassic World

As a result of the collaboration between the Spanish production company Sold Out and the Belgian MB Presents, the great international exhibition DINO WORLD arrives at Espacio 5.1 – IFEMA Madrid, a fantastic and educational journey to the Jurassic period with large-scale dinosaurs and impressive environments and natural settings that will make the whole family enjoy.

Along more than 2,500 m2, visitors will travel more than 65 million years into the past to discover the history of the most extraordinary creatures that our planet has ever known: THE DINOSAURS!

DINO WORLD is a fantastic journey to the Jurassic period, featuring large-scale dinosaurs in impressive settings and natural environments to be enjoyed by the entire family. A fun, educational, fascinating trail that will turn every child into an adventurer and transport everyone to a unique and wonderful world! 

An immersion bath in the Mesozoic Era!

The exhibition immerses visitors in the awe-inspiring, wonderful world of dinosaurs.  Discover the real size and the roars of the Triceratops and the Brachiosaurus, the might of the Tyrannosaurus, the massive wings of the Pteranodon, the footprints of a young Diplodocus…

Discover these and many more Dino species in a spectacular natural environment featuring striking visual effects, photo opportunities, a Kid’s Zone hiding countless surprises and a brand-new virtual reality experience specially created for this exhibition that will allow visitors to fly on the back of a dinosaur, learn about prehistoric ocean life and even feel the earth trembling underneath!

Stringent sanitary measures have been implemented to provide a Covid-safe experience.

Safety above all else.

Although the public can rest assured that the Dino World specimens are harmless, Sold Out and IFEMA Madrid are fully committed to the safety and health of all people throughout the tour. 

For this, the exhibition incorporates different rules in its spaces, the number of people per square meter will be limited, a scrupulous flow control will be carried out and marks have even been planned on the floor to help organize visitors.

  • VR Dinosaur Island
  • VR Dinosaur Island

The new virtual reality experience especially created for this exhibition. Fly on the back of a dinosaur! Discover prehistoric ocean life! Feel the earth trembling underneath!
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* The VR experience is not included in the ticket price.

The exhibition is carried out under rigorous sanitary measures, adequate to offer a safe experience.